Five Questions for Marcus Whitney - Jumpstart Foundry

Nashville-Based Healthcare Tech Fund Head, Marcus Whitney, Discusses Jumpstart Foundry


Marcus Whitney is the Co-Founder and President of Jumpstart Foundry.  Marcus is also a serial entrepreneur, founding or co-founding several successful Nashville-based tech companies.  Jumpstart Foundry just announced their 2016 Cohort – visit for more information on their newest investments!    


What is Jumpstart Foundry?  What do you do?
We are an early stage healthcare innovation fund. We invest at the seed stage $150K in each company and provide services in customer acquisition, talent recruitment and capital connections.

What is a milestone you celebrated at JSF recently?
We are in our seventh year of operations and we are investing in our largest batch this year, up to 20 companies.

What advice would you give to future angel investors or people considering becoming angel investors?
Find a niche. That doesn't have to be an industry, it can be a stage or a company profile, but find a niche and go deep there. Also, develop criteria and stick to it, tightening that criteria as you learn where the holes are.

What makes the Jumpstart Foundry Fund attractive to investors?
There are a surplus of accelerators creating primed founders with solid ideas and a surplus of funds that will invest in a maturing, growth ready company making $2M a year. There is almost no one in the seed stage with a serious focus of closing the gap between accelerator grad and growth ready. It's a big market but it's hard. Jumpstart has the experience, strategy and team to be successful with this difficult investment profile at scale which provides a great opportunity for investors.

What can our readers look forward to in the future from the JSF fund and Health:Further programming?
A strengthening and growth of our value providing, revenue generating business units (ie. Health:Further) and us continuing to gain scale with our investment platform. We are 12 full time today, likely to be close to 20 by end of year. Also, we are building strong partners in cities outside of Nashville through our City Tour ( to identify the best companies around the country, so expect more diversity in our investment portfolio with a narrower focus on incredible technology in the Healthcare sector.

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