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Still a Good Time for Seed

Still a Good Time for Seed
by Paul Arnold of SwitchVC

Why now is still a good time to invest in seed, from an economics perspective.

Deal Breakers

Deal Breakers: Red Flag List from Top VCs
by Jason Shuman of Corigin Ventures

What red flags VCs spot that cause them to pass on a deal.

What do I Need to Know About Investing in a Startup? 
What are the first basic questions you can ask before investing in a startup.  By Zach Shulman of Ithaca VC.

Conviction in VC
What does it mean to have conviction as a venture investor?  By Frederik Groce of Storm Ventures

The One Secret Micro-VCs Keep When they Reject a Startup
Micro-VCs have to consider if a company can get downstream capital before investing. What will happen if they do not?  By Elizabeth Yin of 500 Startups on her Hippoland Blog.

How to De-risk a Startup
Nine levels of risk that investors view when investing in startups and how entrepreneurs can reduce those risks and increase chances of getting funded.  By Leo Polovets on his CodingVC Blog.

Three Mathematical Models for Building a More Valuable Company
Three models to think of the value of a company or for entrepreneurs to use as a mental model for what to focus on to increase the value of their companies.  By Leo Polovets on his CodingVC Blog.

Billion Dollar Ideas: How to Know When You See One - The Product Score
How High Alpha analyzes the product to determine if they have found a billion dollar idea.  By Srikar Kalvakolanu of High Alpha.

The Next Great Startup Ecosystem Part 1 (Podcast)
The Next Great Startup Ecosystem Part 2 (Podcast)
What opportunities are there to invest in ecosystems outside of the coasts.  I saw a lot of parallel between the MW discussed here and the SE.  From the Full Ratchet Podcast by Nick Moran.

Five Due Diligence Principles for Aspiring VCs
Diligence thoughts for early-stage companies without much revenue or traction.  By Dalton Justin Wright with Kickstart Seed Fund.

How Important is the Idea?
It is important that there is something right about the idea - not necessarily the right idea.  By Rob Go of NextView Ventures.

I Raised a Venture/Angel Fund, Now What?
What are some good first steps after deciding you want to be an angel investor or first time fund manager?  By Stephen Hayes of Deep Space Ventures.

The Bad Product Fallacy
Don't confuse, "I don't like it," with "It is going to fail."  By Andrew Chen on his personal blog.

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